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Work after obtaining permanent residence based on EB-3, EB-2

If you do not continue working for about a year after obtaining permanent residence through working immigrants, you can be suspected of working immigrant fraud. Therefore, we recommend Hashigil to work for more than a year. Of course, there is no explicit stipulation from the Immigration Department that you have to work for several months, but most have the content that one judge’s opinion may be about 6 months. It is recommended to do.

Insert 3 times when working immigrants 3 times and 4 years bachelor’s degree holders or graduates of 2 years junior college or above meet a 5 year career. It does not mean a career or a simple career here, but a specialized job or position with a degree of business improvement is required. In most cases, we take the plunge to eliminate any part of your career that is not recognized by your career. For example, OPT carriers are difficult to be recognized by carriers. Instead, we recommend that you take good care of other parts of your career.

Work permit PERM in the process of employment immigration

The most difficult barrier for working migrants is the approval of the work permit process PERM. It is to prepare the documents for accepting a work permit (LC) in difficult words. You should prepare your paperwork to receive the LC, but you don’t just create and put it in. There is a part that must be done at the same time, and we request a lawyer contract to have the Labor Agency determine the size of wages immediately. This process is called “applying for a Prevailing Wage”. At the same time, we are promoting recruitment newspaper advertisements.

The point to be worried about is the question of why a job advertisement is placed to select a person even though it is clear that the person will be overtaken. Because the US company is in the US, it tried to overtake the citizens who are US citizens first, but it couldn’t be easier and it had to prove that it had to choose a foreigner. Because. In a word, it means that foreigners are not included. On the other hand, if you overtake foreigners, you will receive specialized human resources through this process.

If you receive (Audit),

Audits use the English pronunciation as is for audits in the United States. If you receive gratitude, you will not simply win the award and the paperwork will be incomplete, but rather it will be randomly sampled by your computer and audited. Therefore, it is unknown who will be subject to a randomly sampled audit. Since the Labor Agency has this authority, regardless of the Immigration Department, the essence of the audit is well done by making it subject to the audit at an unexpected time.

If so, any manufacturer may try to cancel your work permit application to avoid the audit. For no reason, if the audit reveals a large number, the next opportunity may be missed or troublesome may occur. However, once designated as an audit target, the application for a work permit applied by the company cannot be canceled and there is no choice but to wait unconditionally until the end of the period. The thank you period ends in about 6 months to 1 year.

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