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President Joe Biden is seeking ways to make immigration easier while increasing legal immigration and reducing the burden of costs and procedures on applicants.

According to a report by the New York Times (NYT) on the 31st, President Biden is expected to move beyond reopening the doors blocked by former President Donald Trump to accommodate more immigrants than ever before.

The 46-page repor contains a blueprint for the Biden administration to drastically expand legal immigration.

According to the report, the Biden administration plans to deal with delayed immigration applications as a “fast track” by expanding video interviews and electronic documents and reducing requests for applicants to submit documents. Some suggested that online applicants reduce their cost burden by lowering commission fees.

It also plans to restore job opportunities for highly skilled foreign workers through the H-1B visa, which the Trump administration has tightly restricted, as well as create new immigration measures for foreign entrepreneurs who “start business and create jobs for U.S. workers.”

The report also included detailed policy proposals to help immigrants move to the United States, including highly skilled workers, victims of human trafficking, families of Americans living abroad, Native Americans, refugees, asylum seekers, and farm workers born in Canada.

The New York Times predicted that if the Biden administration implements all the policies contained in the proposal, there will be a significant increase in opportunities for immigrants from all over the world to go to the U.S.

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