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 PurposeLength of stayApplicationKey requirements
B1/B2 VisaTourism, visits, and business travel.Up to 6 months.Complete the online DS-160 application.1) Evidence that your stay in the United States will be temporary.
F-1 VisaStudy in an academic or language-training program at a qualifying US college or university.Until graduation or your last day as a student, plus a 60 day grace period.Obtain an I-20 from your school, and complete the online DS-160 application.1) Enrollment in an SEVP-approved school. 2) In an academic or language-training program (vocational programs do not qualify).
H-1B VisaEmployment in a specialty occupation.Duration of employment relationship.Your employer handles the application process.1) Position in a specialty occupation. 2) Position related to your field of study. 3) Pay at or above the actual or prevailing wage. 4) Valid employment relationship. 5) Available at time of petition.
H-4 VisaFamily members of an H-1B worker.Duration of the H-1B visa used as the basis for the H-4 visa.Complete the online DS-160 application once the H-1B holder has received their I-797 notice of approval.1) Spouse or child of an H-1, H-2, or H-3 visa holder.
J-1 VisaParticipation in an exchange visitor program.Dependent on program. Ranges from 4 months to 7 years, plus a 30 day grace period.Complete the DS-2019 form provided to you by your program’s sponsor.Varies by program.
K-1 VisaFiancee of a US citizen traveling to the US to marry that citizen.90 days, during which marriage must occur.US citizen completes the I-129F petition, then fiancee completes the DS-160 application.1) US citizen petitioner. 2) Marrying within 90 days of fiancee’s entrance. 3) Free to marry. 4) Has met fiancee in person at least once in the 2 years before application (with certain exceptions.)

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