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When inviting family immigrants I tend to think briefly about the documents required by the Immigration Department.

The Immigration Department requires documents and proof of income that the guarantor must submit, including:

When inviting Mr. A from the United States, if the family with Mr. A is a family of four and the family of the invited person is two, the calculation is as follows.

Minimum annual income for 5 people by Poverty Guide Line $ 35,512 x 125% (Federal Poverty Line presentation) = $ 45,000

In other words, you need to prove your income at least 125% of the poorest level offered by the federal government.

Therefore, the guarantor should submit the following documents.

  1. Bank balance certificate
  2. One year’s bank statement
  3. Monthly income statement (proof of income) displayed via bank balance and bank transaction history
  4. Financial Guarantor Tax Report (Record of all tax reports such as W-2 or 1099)
  5. Marital Joint Financial Guarantee Form I-864

Immigration lawyers when submitting the above items It is difficult to block the problematic background in advance if you submit it without considering it.

This is because it is necessary for the records of the statement of accounts and pay slips to match with the calmness of the annual income.

The guarantor will be liable for the secondary responsibility of leaving the debt if the person invited for the following items borrows.

[Responsibility of the guarantor who is responsible for the money]

  1. We will be responsible for the minimum living expenses and primary expenses of the invited permanent resident.

The following items are the responsibility of the guarantor if the invited person is intolerable.

1) Minimum living expenses

2) Food Stamp

3) Supplement Security Income
4) Medicaid
5) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
6) State Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

  1. If the invited permanent resident obtains a government subsidy, the guarantor will be responsible.
  2. If the invited permanent resident has an emergency room or other medical expenses, the guarantor can cover it.

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