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How to find a lost A number?

I. If you do not know your permanent residence number because you lost your permanent residence

What if I lost my permanent residence while staying abroad, not in the United States, but know my permanent residence number? After being issued a Transportation Letter and given a two-week period, you can visit the Immigration office immediately after entering the United States to create an I-90 and reissue your permanent residence card. ..

  1. If you lost your permanent residence while staying abroad, not in the United States, but you don’t even know your permanent residence number

In this case, you can apply for a Transportation Letter that requires you to know the alien number once you have to go through a complicated process.


You must follow the link above to proceed with the primary method. The above process describes in detail how to know the A-number, or alien number.


It is necessary to reissue the permanent residence through this process.

However, if you don’t know the A number, this is the very first order and it is impossible to look it up abroad.

After proving your identity through your passport, etc., and certifying official documents such as records of police reports in the past and your passport record, it is impossible for someone else to do it, not the person you have to obtain. appear. Therefore, you have to worry about appointing a lawyer to act on your behalf.

The procedure is as follows.

Access the Citizenship Office document files through http://www.uscis.gov/g-639.

Find the A number through the above process or copy the entire Immigration office document.

Here you can find your alien registration number, and if you have a work permit, you can use this permit to look up your alien registration number.

Apply for a Transportation Letter and be given a two-week period to enter the country.

Visit the Immigration Office soon or apply for I-90 online.

Go through the process of reissuing permanent residence.

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