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L2 VISA holder with EAD expiring in December

I am on a dependent L2 VISA that expires in March 2021, but my Employment Authorisation Documents (EAD) expire on 08 December 2021. For the last two years, since getting an EAD, I had been working between India and US, but due to COVID was restricted to home-based work for organizations based in India or global ones (e.g. UN agencies). I was paying taxes on all my income in the US as “US Income”. Now with the EAD coming to an end, I’m assuming I cannot continue to work while being in the US. Although all my current contracts come to an end before the EAD expires, I have more work lined up to complete.

Answer :

You would not be authorized to work while your EAD renewal is in process. Even if you are getting paid abroad, if you are physically in the US and working then you need employment authorization. Even if your L-2 visa expires in March 2022, your authorized stay may be longer than that.


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