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How to prepare for employment-based immigration if period of maintaining student visa is lengthy


I have been maintaining my student status for 7 years. I am concerned that this lengthy period will negatively affect my employment-based immigration.


There are many who have been maintaining their student status for a considerable amount of time. A student status holder fundamentally does not own a work permit.

You will be asked how you were able to stay so long without a work permit. It means how you stay in the unisted states without making money.

Hence, you must prepare in advance so that you can answer questions such as how you have been procuring your school and living expenses until now, as well as even child caring expenses if you have children.

What kinds of documentation you need to prove is that you would prepare records of received money from your home country other than the U.S.

For employment-based immigration, USCIS needs to confirm you did not violate immigration law, including making money in the states during I-485 process, the final step.

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