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Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have expressed support for programs that grant work permits to H-4 visa holders.

On the 14th, political media “Dhill” reported that 30 high-tech companies and related organizations have united to issue a statement expressing such intention.

“If the program is abolished, it will do a lot of damage to the US high-tech business,” he said in these statements.

The program grants a work permit (EAD) to H-4 visa holders who are accompanied by professional work visa (H-1B) holders in the provisions introduced in 2015 when President Barack Obama was in office. The content. As a result, it was found that about 100,000 people were qualified to work.

Currently, a labor group dissatisfied with the provision has filed a lawsuit alleging that US workers have been harmed.

On this day, the tech company filed a counterclaim in court, revealing its opposition to the proceedings.

Meanwhile, in February of this year, the United States Citizenship and Service Agency (USCIS) announced that Joe Biden would withdraw the provision to abolish the Donald Trump administration in response to an executive order.


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