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EB-3 Green Card Categories

August 11, 2021BY Usavisahub ( 0 ) Comment

EB-3 or third-preference employment-based green cards are reserved for skilled workers, general professionals, and unskilled workers. A job offer,

Employer’s financial ability in I-140, immigration based on Sponsor

June 6, 2021BY Usavisahub ( 0 ) Comment

The standard proof that determines an employer's financial capacity is the employer's tax report. If the net profit of the company's previous year'

취업스폰서 회사의 순수익을 계산 할 때 대표의 연봉은 제외되는지 여부

December 15, 2019BY Usavisahub ( 0 ) Comment

취업스폰서를 해 줄 회사는 고용할 직원에게 임금을 줄 수 있는 능력을 보여주어야 합니다. 회사가 1인 회사인