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I would like either a Work permit or Permanent Resident Card to be issued before the OPT expires. if they don’t permit early, it looks my company is not going to wait for me because they are desperately needed workers.

My lawyers have no comment on this problem. can you give me some ideas on how to deal with it?


If it is delayed in about 2-4 months, I can give you a solution like this:

  1. Contact and make an reservation to Infopass and ask why it is so late (Infopass information can be found via google you can find it in your area)
  2. Make a claim to remind the USCIS Ombudsman of your situation. they are responsible for handling complaints and performs the role of assisting individuals and businesses in the work for the Immigration Department.

We handle such issues oftentime because there are many administrative mistakes. And if you have any questions need help related to it, please contact me.

Thank you.

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