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What types of visas exist for foreign correspondents who are sent to the U.S.?


There are E-1, L-1A, L-1B, and E-2 visas for foreign correspondents who are sent to the U.S. From these options, it has been determined that the E-1 visa, which can be obtained by an executive worker at a multinational corporation, is the best option. This is because an E-1 visa is at the level of an Executive manager, and therefore corresponds to 1st preference for employment-based immigration. (In relation to 2nd preference which is at least a master’s degree, and 3rd preference which is at least a bachelor’s degree)


an E-1 visa is less exhausting because it goes immediately to the I-140, allowing you to apply for employment-based immigration without undergoing the Labor Certification process. In most cases, the door for green card is always open.


you can apply for an L-1A or an L-1B visa if it is a smaller company. If you have little experience within the company or your position is low, you can obtain an E-2 employee visa for most cases. The previously stated visa holders can all apply for permanent residence.

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